Lauren - 5 points

Oganna - 4 points

Caleb - 4 points

Hope Hill - 3 points 

Kery - 3 points 

Fayce Hammond - 2 points

Taylor - 2 points

Corbin - 2 points

Marie - 2 points

Brdman - 1 point

Holt! - 1 point

Sprout - 1 point

Chiimah - 1 point

Anna Weise - 1 point

Sydney Lee - 1 point

Lauren - 1 point










The National Poetry Slam is taking place in August 2017 and Writing Wrongs will be sending a team to represent our venue!!


We will have six qualifying slams starting in January. Everyone in the slam will earn points towards the grand slam. The winner of each slam will earn points that is equal to the number of poets in the slam with each subsequent place earning one less point (5 poets slam: 1st=5, 2nd=4, 3rd=3, etc.). The final two places will earn the poets 2 points each. 

Repeats will be allowed this year, but with some restrictions:

1) First round of each slam must be a poem you have not slammed with during the season. No repeats in the first round.

2) Second round you can do any poem, including one you have done in a previous slam (but not the same one you already did in that slam)

3) A poem can only be repeated once

4) Poems can be reused in the NPS Grand Slam (EXCEPTION: any poets who have competed in a previous NPS Grand Slam cannot repeat poems they used in any previous NPS Grand Slam, yes it is season specific)

We also have more ways to earn points during the season! The ways to earn points are below:

1) Participate in a slam qualifier with points based on placement as outlined above

2) Participating in the open mic will earn you 1 point

3) Being the sacrificial poet of a qualifier will earn you 1 point

4) Attending any workshop put on by Writing Wrongs will earn you 1 point

5) Volunteering to help run the night whether that is hosting, running the door, DJing, or taking pictures

6) The max amount of points you can earn at one show is 2 unless you are slamming.

The top 12 poets who have competed in at least two qualifying slams will compete in the Grand Slam with the top 4 being guarenteed a spot on the national slam team for our venue!!! The fifth competitior will be our official alternate but will have access to practices to workshop writing and performance during the season. GRAND SLAM APRIL 3!!!


The schedule for slams are below:

January 2

January 16

February 20

March 6

March 20



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