Current Standings:



Ogonna - 4 points

J David - 4 points

Jaehla - 3 points

Lakeitha - 3 points

Fayce - 2 points

Lauren H - 2 points

Sprout - 1 point

Kameron - 1 point










With the cancellation of all National Poetry Slam Inc. events for 2019, we are unfortunately not able to send anyone to WOWPS this year. But that doesn't mean we aren't going to be celebrating the people in our community who this event is all about. 


We have rebranded our WOWPS season to NADS!! The Not a Dude Slam is for anyone who is not a cis-man and is specifically meant to help celebrate the diversity in our community. It is our belief, that even without WOWPS, it is important that we continue to support and make the time for this slam season that we have had for almost 10 years. 


Slams will go as they usually do. We will have various time limits, 4 qualifying slams, and a Grand Slam come December. The rules are below:


1) No cis-men will be allowed to compete. This is not your show. 

2) Repeats are allowed throughout the season. The various time limits will make repeats less of a factor, however, we always encourage new writing!

3) Points will be earned by placing in the Top 3 of any slam with points being earned as follows: First = 3 points; Second = 2 points; Third = 1 point.

4) You only have to slam once and earn enough points to be in the top 8 at the end of the 4 qualifying slams to get into our Grand Slam.


We look forward to this year's NADS Season! We encourage anyone eligible to come out and share their work and be a part of the events. There is no need to be afraid. This is a community that supports each other no matter the cost. We hope to hear your poems soon!



October 2: Two rounds, 3 minutes for both

October 16: Two rounds, 2 minute and 1 minute

November 6: Two rounds, 3 minute and 1 minute

November 20: Two rounds, 3 minute and 2 minute

Grand Slam Date TBD: Three Rounds, 2 minute, 1 minute, 3 minute


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