The Individual World Poetry Slam is taking place in October 2017 in Spokane, Washington and Writing Wrongs will be sending one individual to represent our venue!!


We will have four qualifying slams starting in May. The top three in each slam will earn points towards qualifying for the Grand Slam. The top 8 poets will compete in the Grand Slam with the winner being the representative for our venue!!! You only need to slam one time and earn enough points to qualify! You cannot do any poem more than once for any of the qualifiers, however, poems can be repeated for the Grand Slam. 


The schedule for slams are below with the time constraints for the rounds in each slam:

June 13: 3 minute and 2 minute

June 27: 3 minute and 1 minute

July 11: 2 minute and 1 minute

July 25: 3 minute and 1 minute


The Grand Slam will happen on August 22 at our regular open mic night time and space. The top 8 competitors will compete in 3 rounds, comulative scoring, with the time limits going in this order: 2 minute, 1 minute, 3 minute. 

Current Points:


Rachel Wiley - 3 points

Mathias - 2 points

Hope - 1 point




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