Writing Wrongs Poetry Slam is a weekly open mic and slam series dedicated to building a safe and honest space for people to share their work. Our goal is to create an environment that promotes diversity as we attempt to better ouselves as poets, performers, and people. 


Community is the first and last thing we think about. We believe in building people up to feel confident in telling their stories. We have built monthly shows such as the Queer Community Mic to showcase the voices of those who are often silenced. We have partnered with Fortin Ironworks to create Fire Forged Poetry, a fundraising show built to give back to our community. Every day is another chance for us to keep building our home.


Writing Wrongs brings in featured poets from around the country. We want to expose our community to as many writers as possible to keep fueling our writers and artists with new forms of inspiration. We are extremely selective with our features, promising to bring in unique voices who are also amazing human beings. 


At Writing Wrongs, we want nothing more than for you to come in hungry and leave inspired. Come out to the show and grow with us. We look forward to having you. 


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